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Mailcrux is easy to use and functional in ways that can be managed by a layman. Eliminate the need for a
specialized tech staff to manage SMTP servers, DNS, domains, organizations, and admin users.


Mailcrux is easy to use and functional in ways that can be managed by a layman. Eliminate the need for a
specialized tech staff to manage SMTP servers, DNS, domains, organizations, and admin users.

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Mailcrux comes with a server infrastructure solution to scale up your business

Dedicated IPs

Add unlimited IPs to mailcrux. Once you purchase the server infrastructure, you get 255 IPs for one single server. Also, choose the IP server's location according to your expectations and requirements.

Dedicated Servers

High-performance, high-quality dedicated servers. Options range from 8 to 56 cores for the processing power and 8 to 240 GB of RAM. Pick a server configuration of your own liking.

Cloud Servers

Choose cloud servers if you are looking for something which is dynamic and can adapt if your requirements change.


Enjoy one of the very few options for developing completely new highly customized SAAS-based email sending applications tailored for your needs to perfection.

Use Cases

Organizations face blacklisting problems for their domains and IP addresses. Mailcrux has come up with a solution to scale email requirements with a dedicated SMTP server with an application having a user-friendly UI. Truly take control of your campaigns by checking the most technical nuances that could hamper your campaigns. Following are some use cases where Mailcrux fits perfectly to rescue the situation and save the day.

Neo banks and Fintech apps are changing banking approaches rapidly. Email is the cheapest way to communicate with consumers securely and in real-time.

Best way to use Mailcrux:

  • Super admin can create admin user logins for different regions (if you have operations running across multiple regions)
  • Super admin can assign email volume credits per day to admin users to use resources efficiently
  • Admin users will create different departments and reassign given email credits per day to the respective departments
  • Create unlimited SMTPs under each department
  • Limit emails per day and per hour to each SMTP
  • Add unlimited domains to SMTP and enable email receiving (replies) rules
  • Add IP pools and assign them to respective SMTP servers
  • Create IP pools for different purposes such as transactional email, Marketing, Sales, Cold emails, etc.,
  • Define IP addresses used in the way to warm up new IPs

Insurance and Loan companies send millions of emails every day to keep updating their existing customers about products and services that are being launched. Besides, they need to market new products to new customers and existing customers alike.

Best way to use Mailcrux:

  • Create admin users based on products that they need to market, and send updates to customers
  • Create IP pools and add domains based on products that will build a good reputation of IPs or domains
  • Use Transaction IP pool for sending loan or insurance reminders delivering real-time
  • Build an IP pool for OTPs, and use multiple SMTPs for different products that create room to deliver OTPs in real-time
  • Dedicate unlimited credits for OTP SMTPs, don’t enforce any hourly limit, and utilize max resources to make OTPs deliver realtime

Marketing agencies struggle to deliver campaigns in time as they are haunted by IP delays and domain blacklisting. B2B lead generation agencies buy different mailboxes to deliver the very limited emails per day as they are scared of spam and blacklisting. Here’s the solution.

Best way to use Mailcrux:

  • Mailcrux allows you to create unlimited organizations
  • You can charge the client based on IPs, dedicated SMTP servers, and email credits per day
  • Each organization can have one or multiple admin users. One can be from your client side, one can be from your side as an administrator
  • You can assign email credits to the client’s company or the user who is managing the organization
  • Create dedicated IP pools for each client, change the client-based number of dedicated IPs and email credits that they want to use
  • Assign IP pools to SMTP servers and assign the client’s company to the admin user to allow him to add domains, tracking domains, IP usage ratio, and SMTPs
  • Most B2B clients send 1000 to 2000 emails every day. At the SMTP level, set up the per day and per hour limit
  • Easy to maintain 1000s of clients which saves a lot of time saving you from the mercy of email service providers.

Large-scale e-commerce businesses face email deliverability and IP & domain blacklisting issues alike as they are constantly updating existing customers on new arrivals, and real-time abandoned cart notifications and discount coupon alerts.

Best way to use Mailcrux:

  • Create departments for existing customers and future customers (prospects)
  • Maintain IP pools that will deliver all types of emails
  • Assign those departments to email deliverability manager to look after them
  • Create dedicated SMTP servers for existing customers' needs
  • Sending real-time abandoned cart email alerts
  • Sending real-time discount coupons to customers based on their browsing history
  • Dedicated SMTP for up and cross sales
  • Different SMTPs for OTPs and transactional emails
  • Specific SMTP for each type of transactional email for increased efficiency
  • Use different IP addresses and domains to send cold emails
  • Build a proper email sequence to engage with email ids who opened your email
  • Help your IP addresses and domain gain more reputation by engaging in a conversation with your prospect

The above use cases can be applied
to industries below

  • Telecommunications
  • SAAS Products
  • Recruiting
  • VoIP Services
  • BPO & KPO
  • e-Learning
  • CRM
  • Customer Support



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We deploy the software on our infrastructure We take care of the management of campaigns, dedicated IPs, and servers

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